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A Special, One-Night-Only, Fort Point Performance
of a
Newton Nomadic Theatre Production

A Picasso

By Jeffrey Hatcher

Saturday, May 21, 2016 @ Midway Studios in Fort Point

A cat-and-mouse suspense drama exploring the role of art, the artist and the beholder in a world gone mad during the Nazi occupation of Paris in WWII. 

Each week, Newton Nomadic Theatre took A Picasso to a new and unique performance space, closing with the performance in Fort Point.

Set in a vault under the streets of German-occupied Paris in 1941, A Picasso pits the famous artist against Miss Fischer, a cultural attaché from Berlin, who must determine if paintings recently confiscated by the Nazis are real–or fake–Picassos. Only the artist can tell for sure. A tango of sex, politics and power ensues.

Stephen Cooper returned to play Pablo Picasso,fresh from his role as Mr. Rice in Newton Nomadic Theatre's recent production of Molly Sweeney. Newton Nomadic Theater founder and favorite Linda Goetz (Faith Healer, Beauty Queen of Leenane, as well as Mrs. Constable in FPTC's In the Summer House) returned in the role of the Miss Fischer.