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Fort Point Theatre Channel is developing Dhalgren Sunrise, a scripted/improvisational, interactive multimedia performance project based on the sci-fi novel Dhalgren by Samuel R. Delany, arranged and directed by Mitchel Ahern.

For the past year, movement artists, musicians, and readers have been creating a performance vehicle that explores and interprets diverse themes from the novel—identity, family, urban living, violence, and sexuality, the nature of time and reality.

The acts of Dhalgren Sunrise—Prelude, Orchid, Moons, Fire, Sex, Scorpions, Sunrise—will be independent of one another, thereby incorporating the dissociative techniques that give Dhalgren such power. Each will center on the reading of a short excerpt from the novel, accompanied and interpreted by movement artists, interactive lighting and stage effects, and invented music played on improvisational instruments. Grounding the action will be oversized letterpress title cards. Additional cards in the lobby and on the stage will reinforce the immersive world of both the production and the novel.

An abstract cityscape, constructed in layers, will further reflect the all-encompassing world of Dhalgren. Wheeled set pieces will slowly move, constantly shifting their relationships to one another, while lighting/video effects simulate the menacing glow of distant fire and interact with the movement artists.

Fort Point Theatre Channel will perform the complete Dhalgren Sunrise in June 2017, with developmental workshop presentations open to the public during the spring.