Exclamation Point! 6: Performing Poetry

photos by Daniel J. van Ackere

On Friday, May 8, 2009, at Bob's Your Uncle/Front, a store and gallery in the Fort Point neighborhood of Boston, we presented our sixth evening of short works.

Our theme, "performing poetry," encompassed poems read by multiple voices, live and pre-recorded, integrated with film, mime, drawings, music, fabulous costumes, and the destruction of fresh fruit.

With contributions from: Cynthia Bargar, Sarah Bayer, Leslie Clark, Victoria Cyr, Mary Driscoll, Kurt Cole Eidsvig, Leora Fox, John Gayle, Christie Lee Gibson, Frederick Goodwin, Silvia Graziano, Amy Demus Grunder, Stacey Lane, Meron Langsner, Mark Harvey Levine, Ellen Margaret Lewis, Jean Monahan, Loyda Navarro, Larry Plitt, Ed Stever, Nick Thorkelson, Douglas Urbank, and Joanna Vogel.

We also relied on the reading and acting talents of Randy Danson, Robert Dinsmore, Philana Mia, Marc S. Miller, and Steven Rumpler. The evening was coordinated by Silvia Graziano

Performing Poetry took place on the opening evening of Fort Point Art Walk, the Fort Point Arts Community's spring open studios event.