Exclamation Point! 8: Masks

Informal Performances, Readings, & Viewings of New Works
October 2, 2010
Art at 12 Gallery
12 Farnsworth Street
Fort Point, Boston

photos by Daniel J. van Ackere

For our eighth Exclamation Point!, Fort Point Theatre Channel presented a variety of new works on the theme of "masks" from playwrights, puppeteers, filmmakers, videographers, performance artists, poets, songwriters. . .

The lineup:

> About Face, excerpt from a play in progress by Holly Adams
> The Esteemed Dottore of Bologna Offers His Authoritative, Erudite, and Thoroughly Supercilious Meditation on the Mask, by Teatro delle Maschere (behindthemask.org, which also displayed a selection of masks for show and sale)
> Face Time, a play by R.D. Murphy
> I. Zombi, excerpt from a "document" movie by Jeremy Newman
> The Masked Man, a song by Larry Plitt
> Ms. Sassy France, a play by Mary Driscoll
> Punctuare, a dance/new music work created by the dancers and musicians of bodydrama
> Stick on Saint Mary's Beach, an animated poem by Cynthia Bargar and Nick Thorkelson
> Superhero, a play by Mark Harvey Levine
> That Fool's Emperor: A Musical about Nothing, excerpt from a work in progress by Skip Schloming and Gene Hodsdon
> Migration, a handmade film by Douglas Urbank with live accompaniment by Jorrit Dijkstra