Exclamation Point! 8: Masks

Informal Performances, Readings, & Viewings of New Works
October 2, 7 pm
Art at 12 Gallery
12 Farnsworth Street
Fort Point, Boston

photos by Daniel J. van Ackere

For our eighth Exclamation Point!, Fort Point Theatre Channel presented a variety of new works on the theme of "masks" from playwrights, puppeteers, filmmakers, videographers, performance artists, poets, songwriters. . .

The lineup:

> About Face, excerpt from a play in progress by Holly Adams
> The Esteemed Dottore of Bologna Offers His Authoritative, Erudite, and Thoroughly Supercilious Meditation on the Mask, by Teatro delle Maschere (behindthemask.org, which also displayed a selection of masks for show and sale)
> Face Time, a play by R.D. Murphy
> I. Zombi, excerpt from a "document" movie by Jeremy Newman
> The Masked Man, a song by Larry Plitt
> Ms. Sassy France, a play by Mary Driscoll
> Punctuare, a dance/new music work created by the dancers and musicians of bodydrama
> Stick on Saint Mary's Beach, an animated poem by Cynthia Bargar and Nick Thorkelson
> Superhero, a play by Mark Harvey Levine
> That Fool's Emperor: A Musical about Nothing, excerpt from a work in progress by Skip Schloming and Gene Hodsdon
> Migration, a handmade film by Douglas Urbank with live accompaniment by Jorrit Dijkstra