Indiscreet Discretion

By Silvia Graziano 


Choreography by Courtney Peix
Danced by Contrapose Dance
Music Composed by Brendan Burns
Directed by Marc S. Miller

June 15-23, 2012
10 Channel Center Street
Boston, MA

Click here to view production photos by Daniel J. van Ackere

About Indiscreet Discretion

"Where there was id, there shall be ego." - Freud

Fort  Point Theatre Channel's playwright and co-artistic director Silvia  Graziano's new play takes a deep, dark look at the battle between our  human and animal impulses. This premiere production is a chilling story  of a trio of characters whose paths cross with surreal results. A big  city writer is holed up with his lover in the country and as they  discuss his upcoming murder story, a stranger comes upon their house,  seemingly the victim of some kind of accident. The three people share  secrets, but the inevitable battle for control leads to the question of  where their stories of sex and violence will end. The actors will be  joined on stage by a pair of dancers from the Contrapose Dance and  musician Brendan Burns, who composed the score for play.

Since its founding in 2007, FPTC has earned a reputation for unique productions that bridge the diverse genres of its 13 artist members and their guests. With Indiscreet Discretion, FPTC takes this further, combining traditional theatre with original dance by Contrapose Dance, and featuring live music composed and performed by Brendan Burns. The script has a touch of Edgar Allen Poe and Harold Pinter-mixing reality with surrealism-while blending the dark and the delicious.

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The Ensemble

The acting ensemble was composed of three of Boston's finest: Michael Fisher, Becca A. Lewis, and Victor L. Shopov. They were joined by Burns, guest musicians, and dancers Magda Gyftopoulos and Tony Tucker from Contrapose. The expansive, organic set was created by installation artist, Rick Dorff, a member of Fort Point Theatre Channel and a founding member of the Atlantic Works Gallery in East Boston where he shows his work.

The Production Team

Production Stage Manager: Vivian Yee
Costume Design: Maureen Festa
Lighting Design: Todd Sargent
Sound Design: Mark Warhol
Set Design: Rick Dorff
Workshop Stage Manager/Props Design: Amanda Sheehan
Makeup: Maya Landi
Assistant Lighting Design: Ida Aronson
Photography: Daniel J. van Ackere
Design Associate: Douglas Urbank
Graphic Design: Nick Thorkelson
Publicist: Amy R. Handler


Brendan Burns, Guitar, Loops, and Prepared Guitar
Kirsten Lamb, Upright Bass
Tony Leva, Bass
Kathy Olson, Baritone Sax


Magdalena Gyftopoulos
Tony Tucker