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Fort Point Theatre Channel and WaltersWest Project are collaborating on a reimagined production of Eugene O’Neill’s

Long Day’s Journey into Night

FPTC and WaltersWest Projects present a unique and relevant perspective on Eugene O’Neill’s 1956 drama about an Irish-American family by casting the play completely with actors of color. In doing so, we hold an American classic under the pressure of contemporary scrutiny, providing new insights, addressing a need among local actors of color, fostering audiences of color, and exploring the play's continued relevance to larger questions of what it means to be alive, to be human, to be a family — and to thrive, not just survive. In addition to seeking out social parallels, we champion diversity and collaboration, using music and movement to layer O’Neill’s narrative with an African-American/Latinx flavor and striving to create a space where all are welcome and all voices can be heard.


Hibernian Hall, Roxbury, Massachusetts
Previews: March 17 & 18, 2020
Performances: March 20-April 5, 2020, Friday/Saturday/Sunday

Cast and Production Team

James Tyrone: Paul Benford Bruce
Mary Tyrone: Dayenne CB Walters
Edmund Tyrone: Eric Cheri
Jamie Tyrone: Dominic Carter
Cathleen: Ciera-Sadé Wade
Director: Amy West
Assistant Director: Audrey Seraphin
Dramaturg: Hesam Sharifian
Costumes: Lila West