Bostonia Bohemia in collaboration with Fort Point Theatre Channel
presented MicroTheare: pla(T)forms

A night of performances fusing visual art and theater inspired by the drawings of each of the 121 stops in the MBTA system

Artist: Laura Meilman
Curator: Jaime Carrillo


Performed December 10 & 12, 2015
Atlantic Works Gallery
80 Border Street
East Boston

and December 14, 2015
Korean Church of Boston
32 Harvard Street

pla(T)forms was a creative homage to the T and how it connects different people and communities. Bostonia Bohemia asked playwrights and writers to write short plays, monologues, or poems inspired by the T drawings of Laura Meilman. We received submissions from all over. pla(T)forms features playwrights and writers who are local to Boston, as well as from New York City, Wisconsin, Los Angeles, Maine, and London. The curator for pla(T)forms was Jaime Carrillo of Bostonia Bohemia and Fort Point Theatre Channel.

pla(T)forms featured the following short plays

Tatiana Baccari,   a Brooklyn-based actor/writer, is one of the    pla(T)forms    playwrights.

Tatiana Baccari, a Brooklyn-based actor/writer, is one of the pla(T)forms playwrights.

  • ALICE AT WONDERLAND by Thomas Misuraca (Wonderland Station)
  • BEEF by Thomas Misuraca (Beachmont Station)
  • BLUE LINE BOWDOIN by Ludmilla Bollow (Bowdoin Station)
  • BRIGHAM CIRCLE by Hortense Gerardo (Brigham Circle)
  • CORROBORATORS by Tatiana Baccari (Hynes Convention Center)  (photo)
  • NEXT STOP by Cynthia Faith Arsenault (Brigham Circle Station)
  • WHEN WE ALL USED TO BE SANE by Deniz Khateri (Haymarket Station)
  • DERAILED ON BUTLER by Maren Lavelle (Butler Station)
  • THE GARGOYLE & THE GUN by Sam Wals Fine (Fenway Station)

pla(T)forms also featured monologues/poems by

  • Margaret-Ann Bain (Fenway Station)
  • Emily Roberts (Central Square Station)
  • Dana Stern (Oak Grove Station)
  • Daniel Hass (Harvard Square Station)

Performers in pla(T)forms

  • Alexandra Truppi
  • Arianna Reith
  • Billy Jenkins
  • Brian Savage
  • Dana Stern
  • Daniel Boudreau
  • Emily White
  • Emma Kahn
  • Julia Alvarez
  • Kai Clifton
  • Mary Driscoll
  • Matthew Feldman
  • Michael Glicksman
  • Ryan Leach
  • Sally Nutt

pla(T)forms consisted of performances, staged readings, and creative mixes of both! 

Special thanks to Rick Dorff of Atlantic Works Gallery and Fort Point Theatre Channel.

This MicroTheatre production is #15 in Fort Point Theatre Channel's Exclamation Point! series of short works, always offered for free.

This program is supported in part by a grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council and by a grant from the Boston Cultural Council, a local agency that is funded by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, administered by the Mayor's Office of Arts and Culture.

MicroTheater Event

The Solo Plays

March 31 & April 1, 2014

Brought to you by Bostonia Bohemia
in partnership with Fort Point Theatre Channel

Central Square Theatre Lobby Takeover!

450 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA

photo by Lucy Gram

photo by Lucy Gram

Bostonia Bohemia debuted at The Central Square Theatre with a one-of-a-kind MicroTheater Event: The Solo Plays. The program took over the CST lobby and converted it into a performance space.

The 35-minute program featured four one-person plays from dynamic writers. It was presented in association with Fort Point Theatre Channel.  

Bostonia Bohemia specializes in MicroTheater--small-scale productions in nontraditional performance venues.