Silvia Graziano

artistic associate

Silvia Graziano, a playwright and poet, was an original member of FPTC and its resident playwright. FPTC premiered her full-length play Indiscreet Discretion in 2012. Silvia was co-impresario of FPTC’s Carny Knowledge, and FPTC’s first play festival featured her play The Romantic. In 2010, she was named a New Revolutionary in Boston Magazine for her work with Fort Point Theatre Channel. Her one-act play Trapped Inside a Low-fat Twinkie was featured in 2010 in FPTC’s Codes of Conduct. In 2011, she collaborated with Blue Spruce Theatre and composer David Reiffel to win Company One’s Fringe Wars for their musical Potter’s Field Bed and Breakfast. The team’s musical The Royal Institute for the Support and Healing of the Arts qualified them for the finals. Her short play Heads or Tales? was part of FeverFest 2010. Reflecting her interest in psychology, much of Silvia’s writing explores the best and the darkest sides of the human condition in a celebration of the quest for understanding ourselves. She coordinates a Harvard-affiliated Psychiatry Residency Training Program. Previously, she was an outreach worker, with a focus on the transgendered and chronically ill communities. Silvia has a BFA in dramatic writing from NYU.