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Exclamation Point! 14: INTER-ACTIONS: Performance Art x Art That Performs, a merger of installation art and performance art. July 16-19, 2015

When the Channel Center Garage opens its gates to INTER-ACTIONS, dozens of musicians and actors, poets and performance artists will collaborate with an inter-active art installation that billows and changes light and color patterns in response to their movements and sounds. A plus is that Fort Point’s new Channel Center Garage is also a monumental work of art to be appreciated.

INTER-ACTIONS centers on a three-piece, kinetic installation created by Fort Point Theatre Channel artistic co-director Rick Dorff. Performers manipulate, rearrange, rotate, and interact with or react to the installation’s sculptural pieces, each of which is activated by motion and sound sensors. The installation is constructed from fabric, mirror, wire mesh, wood, lighting, and various other materials.


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Fort Point Theatre Channel is dedicated to creating and sustaining new configurations of the performing arts. We bring together an ensemble of artists from the worlds of theater, music, visual arts, and everything in between as a forum for collaborative expression while enriching the Fort Point community, Boston, and beyond.

Fort Point Theatre Channel is a member of the Fort Point Arts Community, StageSource: The Greater Boston Theatre Alliance, and the Small Theatre Alliance of Boston and affiliated with the Fort Point Cultural Coalition.