4:48 Psychosis

By Sarah Kane

September 6-22, 2007
Midway Studios, Fort Point

Directed by Marc S. Miller
Starring Elizabeth Anne Hayes and Lisa Tucker

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The inaugural production of Fort Point Theatre Company, 4:48 Psychosis took its title from the time most suicides take place--and the only time the playwright found herself waking up and imagining 72 minutes of clarity. This haunting play was performed after Kane's death, premiering at the Royal Court Theatre, London, in 2000.

"Expressionistic though it is, 4:48 Psychosis doesn't deal in abstracts; this is death, pain, suffering and rage you can all but taste. You're brave if you see this show; and Fort Point Theatre Channel is all the braver for presenting it." --Weekly Dig

4:48 Psychosis Staff
Silvie Agudelo, Marketing Director; AB Commendatore, Stage Manager; Jorrit Dijsktra, Composer; Darren Evans, Production Manager; David Fallon, Scenic Design; Philip Galler, Lighting Design; Silvia Graziano, Associate Producer; Nicole Vyonne Moody, Costume Design; Dan Osterman, Poster Design; Nick Thorkelson, Logo/Web Design; Daniel J. van Ackere, Photographer