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Family Art and Dance-Making Along Fort Point Channel

Channel Dance — Summer 2019

In summer 2019, Channel Dance presents imaginative dance lessons and performances on Saturdays during Boston’s Downtown Playdates. DABBLE! DOODLE! DANCE! will creatively engage children and families in the bright summer sunshine of Atlantic Wharf, supporting Fort Point Theatre Channel’s mission of enriching our communities through new configurations in the arts.

The Experience

Each week, DABBLE! DOODLE! DANCE! will focus on a different dance style, led by dance artists from Boston’s many cultural or artistic communities and accompanied by live and recorded music. Guest dance artists will come together with guest musicians and guest visual artists, all working within similar traditions.

As children and families dance on the patio and grass, visual artists will engage everyone to dabble in painting experiences, encouraging participants to paint images of the dancers, the wharf, the channel, the cityscape, or whatever comes to mind. A “doodle wall” equipped with washable markers will add to the artistic opportunities for everyone.

Over the summer, the paintings will develop into cumulative works of public art, created on multi-sized, multi-dimensional easels planted safely on the grass of Waterfront Plaza. We will invite visitors who discover and explore DABBLE! DOODLE! DANCE! to join in, painting on the easels and adding to the public art. At the end of the summer, FPTC will display the group paintings and share them on social media.

Invitation to Guest Artists

Fort Point Theatre Channel seeks fun-loving artists who will share their talents with DABBLE! DOODLE! DANCE! visitors, young and old. If you are interested, please contact Susan Paino, project director and FPTC co-artistic director, susanpaino@gmail.com.