June 16, 17, 23, & 24 at 8 pm
June 18 at 4 pm

Chelsea Theatre Works
189 Winnisimmet Street
Chelsea, Massachusetts


Watch for announcements of free previews at locations in the Boston area.

Fort Point Theatre Channel presents Dhalgren Sunrise, a scripted/improvisational, interactive multimedia performance project based on the sci-fi novel Dhalgren by Samuel R. Delany, arranged and directed by Mitchel Ahern.

Mitchel Ahearn in a preview of Dhalgren Sunrise at Chelsea Theatre Works, November 2016; photo byAnna Salmeron

Mitchel Ahearn in a preview of Dhalgren Sunrise at Chelsea Theatre Works, November 2016; photo byAnna Salmeron

Ahern and movement artists, musicians, and readers have created a performance vehicle that explores and interprets Dhalgren’s diverse themes—identity, family, urban living, violence, and sexuality, the nature of time and reality.

Prelude, Orchid, Moons, Fire, Sex, Scorpions, and Sunrisemake up the short acts of Dhalgren Sunrise. Each act centers a short excerpt from the novel, accompanied and interpreted by movement artists, interactive lighting and stage effects, and invented music played on improvisational instruments. Grounding the action are oversized letterpress title cards.

Each act is independent, incorporating the dissociative techniques that give Dhalgren such power. Wheeled set pieces slowly move, constantly shifting their relationships to one another, while lighting/video effects simulate the menacing glow of distant fire and interact with the movement artists. The abstract cityscape, constructed in layers, reflects the all-encompassing world of the novel.

The Company
Mitchel Ahern, adapter, director, co-producer, reader, musician (harrow)
Vanessa LeFevre, co-producer, reader, musician (invented instruments)
Richard Dorff, installation design, puppets
Greg Kowalski, video design and production
Shereen Salem, movement coordinator, movement
Sarah Winters, costume designer
Baron Pugh, lighting designer
Marc S. Miller, associate producer
Juli Merhaut, stage manager
Ben Lieberson, set construction
Lauren Foster, reader
Eric Dahlman, musician (horns)
Paul Kafka-Gibbons, movement
Jane Wong, movement
Asia Scudder, fundraising
Melissa Shook, production videographer, publicity photographer
Naomi Ibasitas, assistant stage manager
Hallie Voulgaris, tech associate
Mary Curtin, marketing associate
Danny Gessner, social media
Christine Noah, social media

The project is supported by a Live Arts Boston (LAB) grant from the Boston Foundation. Live Arts Boston is designed to respond directly to the needs articulated by Boston's arts community through Boston Creates. LAB provides critically needed, flexible, project-specific grants to Greater Boston’s performing artists and small nonprofit performing arts organizations to create, produce, or present artistic work for Greater Boston audiences.