Doppelgänger Dance Collective and Ensemble Warhol in association with the Fort Point Theatre Channel and Green Street Studios


two evenings of dance featuring live music

August 31st and September 1st, 2018
Green Street Studios
185 Green Street
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Click here to view photographs by Daniel J. van Ackere

photos by Nikki Carrara and Daniel J. van Ackere

photos by Nikki Carrara and Daniel J. van Ackere


an aria for soprano from the opera JEANNE by Mark Warhol and James Swindell

This work's development was supported in part through a residency at Green Street Studios in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Anna Ward, soprano
Ilya Vidrin, dramaturge
Shura Baryshnikov and Danielle Davidson, choreographers and dancers

Andrew Altenbach, conductor
Rane Moore, clarinet in Eb
Aaron Rivkin, baritone horn
Amanda Romano, harp
Bob Schulz, timpani
Matt Sharrock, rototoms

Penney Pinette, costumes
Stephen Petrilli, lighting

Men and Their Machines is an aria for soprano and chamber ensemble from Act 1 of the opera JEANNE composed by Mark Warhol, based on a libretto by James Swindell. This 15 minute excerpt was performed by soprano Anna Ward and Ensemble Warhol's 5 piece music group. The choreography was created and performed by Shura Baryshnikov and Danielle Davidson, with dramaturgy by Ilya Vidrin.


----- intermission -----


String Quartet No. 4 in C major, K 157 by W.A. Mozart

Heidi Henderson, choreographer, dancer, and costumer
Shura Baryshnikov and Danielle Davidson, dancers
Stephen Petrilli, lighting

Elizabeth III is a 45 minute work, choreographed by Doppelgänger Dance Collective's  resident choreographer Heidi Henderson. Henderson performed with Shura Baryshnikov and Danielle Davidson with a string quartet led by Doppelgänger Dance Collective's musical director, Adrienne Taylor.