Exclamation Point 10!-Filmstock

Curated by Mark Warhol

10 Channel Center Street
Fort Point
July 6 & 7, 2012

The tenth Exclamation Point! featured works by Fort Point residents, artists, and friends inspired by film. We included several genres, from films old and new, shorts, silent and musical works to theatre and animations.

The program featured the premiere of the animated fairy tale Où est Fleuri Rose? that follows the adventures of a pink teddy bear in Quebec, set to the music of Mark Warhol with the artistry of animators Nick Thorkelson and Amy MacDonald. Click the screen below to view this.

Additionally, we featured the experimental work of Pelle Lowe. Earthly Possessions is a trance film that uses the heightened emotional language of Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights and Michel Foucault's Herculine Barbin as a starting point for a meditation on the eroticism of grief and the fluidity of gender identity in extremis. An early exploration of the uses of poetry in film, it intentionally pushes the boundaries of contemporary emotive expression.

These two films were complemented by David Henry Haan’s play It Always Rains When John Cusack Is in Anguish, presenting a comedic encounter between John Cusack and a woman at a bus stop, and several film shorts and other works, including…

  • Soundproof by Rocco Giuliano, a whimsical look at the filmmaker's old and new home, exploring the persistent tension between individuality and community
  • o(77) by Julie Miller, a visionary experience intended to induce trance through image in order to experience altered states
  • acncy by Mike Ware, an intensely personal short film, a meditation on the Catholic Church
  • The Passenger by Julie Zammarchi, an animated film of the memories, dreams, and visions that crowd a woman’s consciousness as she travels in a car toward her own death
  • Breakfast, an installation about family and time, exploring the mutability of memory by Julie Mallozzi
  • Circle Song a Fantasia on a theme of nine repeating patterns in six colors by Douglas Urbank; digital transfer of a handmade 16 mm film, a collage of hand-painted leader, altered found footage, adhesive overlays and applied optical sound