Greg Kowalski

co-artistic director

Greg Kowalski is a director, filmmaker and video artist. A common feature of his performance and design work is the projection of real-time, interactive imagery using software of his own design. Greg worked in film production in Poland for many years as an assistant director. In 2001 he directed and produced the documentary “Story of a Gypsy Woman” about the Rom poetess Papusza.  From 1997 to 2009 he was a member of the interdisciplinary duo Qfwfq which performed in festivals in the U.S, Europe and Argentina. Since then he directed  Sarah Kane’s “Crave” which received an excellence award for directing at the 2014 International New York Fringe Festival, and did an adaptation of Samuel Beckett’s Play. In 2017 he designed interactive video projections for FPTC’s production of Dhalgren Sunrise directed by Mitch Ahern. Greg has accompanied many sound artists with his live video projections. He also uses the systems he designs, which he calls “digital action painting”, for the creation of images.