Humour Us
Exclamation Point! 9

Grand Circle Gallery
347 Congress St.
Fort Point, Boston

November 5,  2011


Click here to view photos by Daniel J. van Ackere

Curated by Christie Lee Gibson

Are you of a singularly sanguine, choleric, melancholic, or phlegmatic inclination? Exclamation Point! 9, the ninth entry in our popular series of short new works, was inspired by the Four Ancient Humours, from the theory that the human body was filled with four basic substances. When the Four Humours were in balance, a person would be healthy. Disease resulted when they were not. 

The Lineup

Alignment, a play by Barry Eitel
Beds, a play by Susan Cinoman
A Better World, an excerpt from a play in progress), by Nick Thorkelson
The Fifth Humor, by Rick Winterson
4squared, by Six One Seven Dance Collective
Humor Me, poem and projections by Maureen Tracy Venti
I Never Got to Say and Lonesome Town, two cello pieces by Cam Sawzin
The Ten-Block Walk: An Old-Person’s Odyssey, an excerpt from an opera in progress, by  Christie Lee Gibson (libretto) and Erin Huelskamp (composer)

With appearances and help from: Glorivy Arroyo, Cliff Blake, Hannah Blitzblau, Rebecca Bradshaw, Jon Burrowes, Julia Carey, Amanda Collins, Kenzie Finn, Shannon Gmyrek, Gabriel Graetz, Kaedon Gray, Kendra Heithoff Henseler, Erin Huelskamp, Lenni Kmiec, Sarah Kornfeld, Hugh Long, Rafael Marinho, Jacqueline Mosca, Paula Plum, Cecelia Raker, Scarlett Redmond, Lacey Sasso, Robin Smith, Jesse Strachman, Meredith Stypinski, Nick Sulfaro, Camilo Viveiros