Jaime Carrillo

co-artistic director

Jaime Carrillo likes to pick up his passport and go. That mindset has led to his ringing in the New Year exchanging haiku under a bridge in Prague. He's also had breakfast with the Danish army in a hostel in Copenhagen. And in Mexico City, Jaime was in the position of being an American working under the table in Mexico when he played the part of a “Rockero” in the TV miniseries Coqueteando Con La Muerte. “One funny mother**cker,” is what The Metro has called him, and Event Insider says he is “weirdly hilarious.” Over the course of acting for the last 20 years, Jaime has encountered “What are you?” “Why do Spanish speakers all talk so fast?” “What’s your nationality?” and the unforgettable, “Are you Injun?” (No, he is not making up any of these ethnicity related gems; they are all actual questions people have asked him.) The CliffsNotes version of his experience: He is a graduate of the William Esper Studio acting program in NYC and has a B.A. with honors in theater arts from Brandeis University. He also was a resident artist with Judith Malina and the Living Theatre for two years, as well as a company member with the Classical Theatre of Harlem for six years. Lastly, his play UNA VIDA DE CALIDAD won the IATI Award for Outstanding Play. As a new member of Fort Point Theatre Channel, Jaime looks forward to breaking new ground in theater and film projects with you. You can reach him here with your ideas.