Mark Warhol

artistic director

Mark Warhol was born in Texas and received a degree in electrical engineering from Purdue University. This was naturally followed by the study of piano with William Dorn and music composition with David van Vactor at the Music School of the University of Tennessee, where he designed and built the first electronic music studio. An interest in opera and further study at the Stockhausen Courses in Kurten, Germany, led him to focus on writing music for the theatre. Warhol is the artistic director of Ensemble Warhol, a music group that specializes in the performance of contemporary music. The ensemble has appeared as part of the Elizabeth Willet Musser New Music Series and the Isolated Acts Festival in Saint Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota, and the Happy New Ears Festival and Serie West in Kortrijk and Ypres, Belgium. It has performed at the Theatre La Chapelle and La Sala Rossa in Montreal and collaborated with the Devanaughn Theatre, Apollinaire Theatre, Kelly Donovan & Dancers, and Contrapose Dance in Boston. The first compact disc of the ensemble, “Où est Fleuri Rose? et autres aventures,” is available on the INNOVA label and on iTunes. As a Fort Point Theatre Channel co-artistic director, he has produced several shows, including Heaven and Earth, Impermanence and Uncertainty, Codes of Conduct, Memories and Fantasies, Exclamation Point 10! – Filmstock and JEANNE, the story of a woman. Mark lives in Gloucester, Massachusetts, where he works as a freelance composer.