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SENSES is FPTC's new performance series and part of FPTC's Exclamation Point! events. It takes place at various venues in the Fort Point area of Boston.

This program is supported in part by a grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council and by a grant from the Boston Cultural Council, a local agency that is funded by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, administered by the Mayor's Office of Arts and Culture.


written by Rocco Giuliano & directed by Henry Dane

Sunday, February 19th, 7 p.m.
Midway Studios
15 Channel Center Street
Fort Point, Boston

Free admission and light refreshments!

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featuring "Landfill: From Guppies to Yuppies" and "Exile on A Street"

plus Rocco's Emmy-nominated commentary segments - as seen on TV!


We invite you to an evening of sometimes arrogant, often hilarious commentaries about life and movies, and movies about life . . . in Fort Point.

You’ll see Emmy-nominated vignettes aired on Boston TV as well as short films currently clogging up the festival circuit.

You’ll also get the chance to demand answers from writer/performer Rocco Giuliano and producer/director Henry Dane (who reserves the right to shift blame back to Rocco)

Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind event that won’t change Fort Point one iota, but will help you avoid another depressing episode of 60 Minutes.

Landfill: From Guppies to Yuppies: This refreshing take on gentrification is an hilarious exploration of the social dynamics of “the innovation district” vs. “the artists co-op.” As the narrator points out, Fort Point was originally part of the bay and the original victims of gentrification were the guppies.

Exile on A Street: An independent writer and consultant with a very private existence relocates from a quiet, suburban community to an inner-city artists’ co-operative. ‘Exile on A Street’ explores the pleasures and purgatories brought on by his move. IMDB.

Rocco Goes to the Drive-In & 38Late: Rocco Giuliano first appeared on Boston independent TV station WSBK-TV38 hosting the summer movie presentation “TV38’s Saturday Night Drive In.” Rocco’s presence generated enough buzz that two summers later he returned with a regular slot as “Boston’s only ‘Underground’ movie host” of his own movie presentation venue, “38 Late.” Rocco received Emmy nominations in hosting and writing for his work on the show.

About Rocco Giuliano
In Rocco’s varied (some would say “checkered”) career, he has worked as a medical photographer, media personality, rock band roadie, college lecturer, and communications consultant, as well as a freelance scriptwriter. Recent film projects include Please Remove Your Shoes: The Myth of America’s Airport Security; The Strange Name Movie; Aside From That: A Film About Everyone’s Least Favorite Topic; Landfill: From Guppies to Yuppies; and Exile on A Street.

Henry Dane
Henry’s passion for TV and movies has dominated his career, from Emmy-award-winning stints creating promos for MASH and The X-Files, to original programming for Major Market TV stations to short documentary films. If you’ve ever seen a tease for the 11:00 News along the lines of “The Hidden Danger in Your Basement: Is Your Child at Risk?” chances are Henry is responsible for keeping you awake and nervous.

Fort Point Theatre Channel

Great Small Works

with Trudi Cohen and John Bell

Sunday, January 15, 2017
Midway Studios
15 Channel Center Street
Fort Point, Boston

Featuring. . .

A Short Entertaining History of Toy Theater

Resident singing professor Dr. John Bell, accompanied by toy piano, tells the history of Toy Theater (also known as paper theater or model theater) and its importance for 21st century world citizens.

Living Newspaper, Episode 2: Sidewalk Ballet

A Toy Theater production, in which Jane Jacobs, Robert Moses, and a burning bush battle over the right to public space.

Ode to Common Things

A cranky (paper movie) based on the poem by Pablo Neruda.


Trudi Cohen and John Bell are theater makers, puppeteers, festival organizers, musicians, and founding members of Great Small Works, a visual theater collective created in 1995 in New York City, whose six members share roots in Bread and Puppet Theater. Its members are now dispersed, with outposts in Brooklyn, Montreal, and Cambridge, Massachusetts. Bell and Cohen anchor the New England base in Massachusetts.

John Bell directs the Ballard Institute and Museum of Puppetry and is Associate Professor of Dramatic Arts at the University of Connecticut. He was a member of the Bread and Puppet Theater company from 1976 to 1986 and received his doctoral degree in theater history from Columbia University in 1993. He is an editor of Puppetry International, the publication of the U.S. branch of the Union Internationale de la Marionnette; an organizer of the Honk! Festival of Activist Street Bands in Somerville, and a trombonist in the Second Line Social Aid and Pleasure Society Brass Band.

Trudi Cohen was a full-time member of Bread and Puppet Theater's resident company in Vermont for 10 years, and has performed as puppeteer in productions directed by Peter Schumann, Janie Geiser, Amy Trompetter and David Neumann. She directed Great Small Works' 2008, 2010 and 2013 International Toy Theater Festivals and has curated dozens of the company’s Spaghetti Dinner events. She plays bass drum with the Second Line Social Aid and Pleasure Society Brass Band and is a founder and organizer of the HONK! Festival in Somerville. She is secretary of the Board of Bread and Puppet Theater, and on the board of Parts & Crafts, a maker space for young people in Somerville, MA.

About Great Small Works

"Great Small Works’ mission is to draw on folk, puppet, avant-garde, and popular theater traditions to address contemporary issues. We value the beauty and potency of puppet theater, the urgency of speaking out about the news of the day, the power of creating theater with diverse groups of citizens and of bringing art to public spaces. We work for intelligent and engaged content in our work. We teach in public schools and at universities, and mentor young artists who are learning how to integrate critical thought into their creative work. Great Small Works performs in theaters, schools, parks, libraries, museums, prisons, street corners, and other public spaces, producing work on many scales, from gigantic outdoor spectacles with scores of volunteer participants, to miniature shows in living rooms. The individual members of the Great Small Works collective are each engaged in writing, scholarship, mentorship, and community organizing.

"We stumbled upon Toy Theater (also called Paper Theater or Model Theater) 20 years ago, and were inspired by its accessibility, scale and beauty. Since then, we have produced ten international Toy Theater Festivals, and have traveled around the world discovering practitioners of this arcane form of table-top storytelling. Through both workshops and performances, we have introduced Toy Theater to hundreds of artists and students. We believe that everyone has a story to tell, and with Toy Theater they can do it themselves."

Click here for more information about Great Small Works.

Fort Point Theatre Channel

A Surreal Soirée

An Evening with Beatniks, Clowns, and Cleopatra

Friday, December 16, 2016
Midway Studios
15 Channel Center Street
Fort Point, Boston

A Cacophonous Cabaret of sound and light. movies, music, and performance by Mick Cusimano and friends.

Fort Point Theatre Channel


from the AgX Filmmakers Collective

Friday, October 21, 2016

@ Midway Studios
35 Channel Center Street
Fort Point, Boston

A program of short films from members of AgX, a recently formed filmmakers collective based in Waltham. AgX has joined a growing international movement of artist-run film collectives and laboratories uniting to share resources, equipment, camaraderie, and knowledge in order to build a vibrant space that focuses on the creation and appreciation of photochemical filmmaking. The program will include a variety of styles ranging from documentary to experimental and abstraction. Curated by Fort Point Theater Channel and AgX member, Douglas Urbank.

Music of Diverse Influences

Joshua Owsley - bass, bass VI, synthesizer, electronics
Elliot Hughes – alto saxophone, synthesizer, percussion
Frank Aveni - drums, percussion, synthesizer, electronics

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Internal Matter Restaurant
35 Channel Center Street
Fort Point, Boston

Geoglyphs at Internal Matter/photo by Christine Noah

Geoglyphs at Internal Matter/photo by Christine Noah

Geoglyphs is a Boston-based trio. Drawing from diverse influences in instrumental rock, punk and hardcore, jazz, classical minimalism, and experimental electronic music, their dynamic compositions build and deconstruct multiple sonic and rhythmic layers, mixing tightly composed passages with bursts of free improvisation and noise, tempered with waves of ambient and textural sound.

Click here to learn more about Geoglyphs and to listen to their music. Click here to follow Geoglyphs on facebook.


a jazz/art happening

featuring Roberto & Kathryn

Thursday, June 2, 2016

a mix of original songs, spoken word
and projected images/film,
plus a set of standards

Internal Matter Restaurant
35 Channel Center Street
Fort Point, Boston

Internal Matter Cafe
35 Channel Center Street
Fort Point, Boston

The program for ANIMATION: The Next Generation was as follows:

 Opening Graphics / Parkour by Juiana Nunez, Mount Ida College
Portal by Rongxin Liu, Emerson College
Convenient by Victoria Vega, Montserrat College of Art
One More Step by Victoria Le, Montserrat College of Art
New Dress by Michelle Moore, Montserrat College of Art
Late Night by Michelle Moore, Montserrat College of Art
Memory by Bin Xu, Emerson College
Muovi by Bronte Pirulli, Montserrat College of Art
Laundry by Haley Albanese, Montserrat College of Art
Do Not Pull by Meghan Higgins, Montserrat College of Art
Octet Galaxy by Ashli Hurt, Montserrat College of Art
Kirmo by Brian White, Montserrat College of Art
Game Grumps by Kelly Clarke, Montserrat College of Art
Force Cube by Bin Xu & Siming Xu, Emerson College
Closing Graphics by Aarin Taylor, Mount Ida College

Fort Point Theatre Channel and Tidal Theatre Company presented

The Mosquito Story Slam

Tuesday, February 16, 2016
Internal Matter Cafe
35 Channel Center Street
Fort Point, Boston

The Mosquito Story Slam is inspired by the popular Moth StorySLAM – where storytellers have 5 minutes to to tell a true story about themselves based on the night's theme. No notes, no props, just you. Come prepared to tell, or get inspired during the show.


The Mosquito Story Slam is produced by the Tidal Theatre Company, Vanessa Vartabedian and Caitlin Langstaff. The Mosquito is podcast on For more information, like us on Facebook

Kathryn Howell (left), Gina Chiara (center), and Jerry Reilly (right) telling their stories of ESCAPE at Mosquito

Fort Point Theatre Channel and Crystal Cove Productions
presented selections from a musical set in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina

by Ralph Tufo

From left: Cristina Dones, Laura Edwards, Kendrick Terrell Evans, Sharon Squires, Larry Plitt (seated), Tom Kilgallen, and Ralph Tufo

From left: Cristina Dones, Laura Edwards, Kendrick Terrell Evans, Sharon Squires, Larry Plitt (seated), Tom Kilgallen, and Ralph Tufo

music by the Squeezebox Stompers: Larry Plitt & Ralph Tufo

with Cristina Dones, Laura Edwards, Kendrick Terrell Evans, Tom Kilgallen, and Sharon Squires

Thursday, January 28, 2016
Internal Matter Cafe, 35 Channel Center Street, Fort Point, Boston

The music of New Orleans has always played a big part in the life of Ralph Tufo. The people of New Orleans who survived Hurricane Katrina in 2005 inspired him to put their stories to music in The Katrina Roadhouse.

Ralph traveled to the region three times to help with recovery efforts, starting in 2007. "I felt because I've been playing my Cajun and Zydeco music for 30 years that that was a payback in some ways, because I love the music."

While tearing out walls and floors from flood-damaged homes, he met the survivors of the storm. He learned about the obstacles they faced not only in rebuilding their homes but rebuilding their lives. "I was extremely impressed with their resilience and determination. I decided that these personal stories need to be told." Ralph shares these stories in The Katrina Roadhouse.

An Evening of Animation

A still from Upgrades by Anya Belkina

A still from Upgrades by Anya Belkina

Thursday, December 3, 2015
8:30 pm

Internal Matter
35 Channel Center Street
Fort Point, Boston


Où est Fleuri Rose? follows the adventures of a pink teddy bear in Quebec, set to the music of Mark Warhol with the artistry of animators Nick Thorkelson and Amy MacDonald.

Upgrades, by Anya Belkina, set to Rimsky-Korsakov’s "Flight of the Bumble Bee," is a breakneck-paced animated parody chronicling major upgrades in computer graphics software.

In Insurgency of Ambition, also by Anya Belkina, the illusion of success lures a man to the very threshold of glory only to unsheathe its true, frightening nature as he gets within reach.

Soup Opera, by Martha McCullough, asks, How deep is the palace of the Soupdragon? Beyond porcelain shallows suspended alphabets turn and sink with no trace. Inspect your bowl with care.

Break and Remake, also by Martha McCullough, came out of thinking about recombined creatures in myths and in the margins of medieval manuscripts. The whole video is broken and reassembled as are the griffins chimeras and other monsters within it. The text is also a hybrid combining overheard remarks, a line from a song, and text from computer-generated spam.

Plus Gabriela and Blue BUG vs. Soda Can, by Kevin Ferreira.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Jazz Saxophonist
Andy Voelker

with Luther Gray on drums &
Derek Van Wormer on bass

Internal Matter
35 Channel Center Street
Fort Point, Boston


Andy Voelker, a Boston-based saxophonist and jazz musician, has been prominent on the original jazz and improvised music scene for the last 20 years. Known for his sound and driving swing feel, Andy has made his way over the years playing countless gigs, shows, and events of all kinds. He has recorded several original jazz recordings with the groups Gypsy Schaeffer and Clear Audience.

Andy grew up on the New Jersey shore.  After high school, he moved to Boston to attend Berklee College of Music where he studied saxophone and improvisation with saxophone giants Frank Tiberi and George Garzone. 

Andy plays regularly in the Boston area and recently released a new album with Clear Audience. He is working on his new original jazz release as a leader in addition to a regular Wednesday night residency at Devlin’s in Brighton and a weekly jazz brunch at Barcelona in Brookline.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Milo Jones

Milo Jones

songs by


"One man, one 3/4 scale guitar, Milo Jones is an ascendant star in the elite pantheon of modern-day crooners. His super sensitive mix of Lee Hazlewood and Leonard Cohen is served up with just a hint of understated irony, while languidly oozing sincerity and warmth. Weird, but kind of heavy and beautiful, too." Don Bolles - (Germs, Psychic TV, Ariel Pink)

Films by Douglas Urbank

Films by Douglas Urbank

with projections by


Friday, June 26, 2015

Brendan Burns, Musician 

Brendan Burns

Brendan Burns

 Brendan Burns in an extra-special performance by the guitarist, educator, composer, and all-around experimental musician who composed the music for FPTC's 2012 production of Silvia Graziano's Indiscreet Discretion.

Special guest with Brendan: FPTC's Nick Thorkelson, who appears on his own at Internal Matter most Tuesdays.

Nick Thorkelson and Olivia Brownlee

Nick Thorkelson and Olivia Brownlee

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Vocal Jazz By

Olivia Brownlee
Nick Thorkelson

An hour of vocal jazz by our very own Olivia Brownlee and Nick Thorkelson!