Tempest Reconfigured

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Fort Point Theatre Channel will collaborate with arts and community organizations across Boston to explore the contemporary relevance of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Using a variety of art and performance forms, partner organizations and FPTC will create short works drawing on themes from The Tempest, such as the consequences of colonialism, racism, gender stereotypes, immigration, and climate change. Tempest Reconfigured will culminate in community-based and citywide performances. Tempest Reconfigured is funded in part by a Live Arts Boston grant.


Tempest Reconfigured seeks to foster connections across partners, neighborhoods, and constituencies—connections that benefit all participants and the city. The project intentionally embraces diversity of races, genders, gender identities, sexual orientations, ages, abilities, neighborhoods, interests, and socioeconomic levels.


FPTC seeks partners based on such criteria as mission, interests, neighborhoods, constituencies, and capacity to collaborate in creating performance pieces. Each partner will engage its constituents in creating a 10-minute vignette drawing on The Tempest and exploring themes of their choosing.

FPTC will work across partners to foster a mix of viewpoints and performance genres, from theater, dance, and music to puppetry, video, and multidisciplinary art. FPTC will provide partners with resources as appropriate, such as artists, materials, an overall structure, and modest stipends for coordinators, participants, and expenses.


Tempest Reconfigured reflects FPTC’s mission to enrich our communities through new configurations of the performing arts and our goal of building relationships with artists of color, women-identifying, queer, and trans artists, and emerging artists. A key theme of the project, of Shakespeare’s play, and of FPTC’s strategic direction is the transition into a culture that is diverse, inclusive, equitable, intergenerational, and rooted in community.


The project will culminate in two types of performance:

Community-based performances in the partners’ facilities or neighborhoods will include the piece created by the host partner and one or two others.

Citywide performances in one or more central locations will bring together the works of all partners.



2017-2018: FPTC began discussions leading to Tempest Reconfigured, then invited writers, actors, and dramaturgs—particularly artists under 30 years old, LGBTQ artists, and artists of color—to join in a brainstorming “salon” and one-on-one meetings. Three devised theater workshops tested the emerging project structure.

Winter-Spring 2019: FPTC is engaging core staff, reaching out to potential partners, selecting partners, and developing shared design elements and other resources.

Summer 2019: FPTC will create and present a vignette, begin planning with partners, and complete shared design elements and other resources.

September-November 2019: Partners will create vignettes, leading to neighborhood-based and citywide performances.

For more information about Tempest Reconfigured, please contact Marc Miller, project director, marc@fortpointtc.org